Thursday, March 25, 2004  
went for an ultrasound test today.. when i went for my insurance checkup the doctor found that the tap test on my stomach didn't produce the expected percussion sound of stomach air but a hard sound.. either of a swollen liver or really solid abs.

As you can guess, that got me worried... I'm very very skinny but still have baby puppy fat around my stomach.. no six pack, more like one lump.. so where got solid abs? so this ultrasound is the direct result..

the clinic itself was off paradiz, agape clinic... or something like that. when i went into the ultrasound room i was pretty puzzled by how strangely the room was decorated. the outside was kind of shiny and professional but the inside... colourful but old cushions, a mobile hanging from the ceiling.... so i filed that away mentally. then the ultrasound technician asked me to pull p my shirt and applied this cold gel to my stomach and started scanning... when i turned left so she could do side view, i saw the pregnancy poster at the side and suddenly i understood... this room is mainly used by pregnant women, mothers- to -be! Sure enough, when i left the room, there were two pregnant women outside staring at me, probably wondering why this guy is using the ultrasound...

but aunt puay lan (that's our insurance agent, she used to be our neighbours long ago, we used to play with her kids, a rather famous set of triplets) was talking about how ultrasound used to be so tough, 21 years ago. then, they needed water to bounce the ultrasound through to the foetus and back, so she would have to gorgeherself with water before the ultrasound scan. With the foetus already pressing on the bladder and then so much water, that would make for a lot of endurance training... made worse by having long waits for the doctor....

but enough about technology... both the technician and the insurance doctor passed me with flying colors... the doctor confirmed i have rock solid abs... just that they can't be seen.. hahaha... turns out later when i was talking to ryan, he says it's more about body fat that shows your six pack. so it seems, despite my low wait and skinny body, i actually have body fat.. oops. should i diet?!!! =D

11:43 PM

Monday, March 22, 2004  
just watched Big Fish with key and nekki.. good show!! highly encouraged for anyone to watch! haha... thing is, the show reminded me of pierre... Over 5 years of knowing him, he told us so many stories about his life... Still remember how Xueming said, if he had actually had half of pierre's "experiences", then he would die a contented man, a fulfilled life....

I mean, according to pierre's stories, he's an SOF sniper and guards officer who can't swim, a national basketball player who's broken his spine before and has a titanium insert in his body, a member of the Singapore Nike team, played against Michael Jordan before, carried lead weights locked on his body till he was sec3, crashed a car in Singapore at 180km/h, and a thousand other stories...

Overall, the movie makes me feel like doing a blog where I just tell stories based on little bits of what happened in my life... Instead of the boring status reports, full, long stories elaborating in a fun way on the interesting things each day. Something to differentiate the blog, haha... kind of like snow's diary reports...

10:53 PM

Sunday, March 21, 2004  
going to meet key now! so happy! we've been having some disagreements recently but I'm confident things "will work out".. she hates is when I say that.. hee...
8:39 PM

kaisheng and norman's baptisms today!! congratulations!!!! hee...

the shopping for their crosses was an interesting experience. I found myself panicking cos I was supposed to be in church at 3pm and I was at Jurong point at 2.45 pm with no idea of where to go to get... haha... my first pass through I saw only the expensive gold - and -diamonds type of stores... panicked, called jav, she said the in-between stores, they're like stalls, not stores.. (Key said, obviously I dun go jp often, cos even she knows Perlini's is in the center of the first floor near the entrance.. )

so i finally found it, and picked out a cross.. there were two designs but though the roundish one was calling out, i liked the flat design better. It was 2.50, so I asked the sales girl to suggest chains... I said two sets, so she must have thought I was buying for mi and gf, so she suggested one, which looked quite nice, but... it seemed a bit short. I was too panicked to say so, but when I said okay, she asked, am i buying for... and she stuttered... haha.. guess she didn't know how to say, for my girlfriend? I said two guys, and she was stunned. I can only imagine she thought, maybe I was buying a set for me and my boyfriend.. hahaha... so she recovers and asks, hey, are the guys normal size, cos the chain is short for guys.. so I said, uhm, yeah, one of the guys (Kaisheng) is bigger, do you have other designs.

So she shows me the longer chains, how the colour is off, and how the ones that colour match are either quite thick, or look a bit off... I look at the designs, and am like.. hmm, anything else? She suggests these black stringy things, and shows me the necklace she's wearing as a sample... I say, okay, she tells me she's only got one length, I'm like, it's fine as long as it's longer than the chains she's shown me...

so it's 2.52 now, and I'm really late. she takes about 5 minutes to fiddle in the "back" of the stall (you have to see the stall to understand why I put that inverted commas) and I'm frantic.. she turns back and says, sorry, the pendant loophole isa bit small for the black chain... she's going to try to expand the whole.. I say, fine, go ahead. A few minutes later she says, she can't do it... she'll try with another example of the same cross. By this time I look at the other cross pendant and notice that it's got a larger loophole, so I suggest that instead, and finally everything works out... pay for the chains and leave, very much later... hahaha...

But really have to thank the sales girl for being so helpful, she could just have sold me the stuff with short chains and all... in the end everything is successful... good service with a winning smile! she'll go far.. haha...

7:15 PM

Saturday, March 20, 2004  
i watched infernal affairs today.. with chiang, in the mess... hahaha... hmm.. good show man, it really deserves the accolades.. psychological thrill, the violence of gang warfare, a solid story, twists and turns... hahaha... it continues my obsession with hong kong and us gangland movies.. hmz... hahaha too bad there's no good gang land anime!

none that i can remember anyway...

in any case... i love these gang movies.. too bad most of the friends around me don't ... sigh...

11:27 PM

Friday, March 19, 2004  
clothes rack finally disintegrated once and for all on me.. chan and ryan destroyed it once but i put it back together with masking tape. after that it disintergated today, so i just kept the cross piece and strapperd it across my bedframe.. kind of makeshift but it's what i have to work with.
7:14 PM

celebrated jav's bday in style today!! ended up rushing back to camp in haohan's car, made it back with about 5minutes left. boy, he does drive reckless when he needs to.. thanks bro!

also some bad news, possibly. the course i'm going on may or may not happen, is chancy... going to need everyone's prayers for approval for specialist course in may!!

i guess my feeling is that, if they are going to say that specs do spec work and medics do medic work, then fine, I'll just drop all the spec-level admin work and just do my medic stuff. though that's extreme soreness... excellence, yes, but I was really hoping for the course...

7:10 PM

Wednesday, March 17, 2004  
met josh for a nice dinner and to trade xbox games.. hee, fun catching up woth old frens...
7:09 PM

Sunday, March 14, 2004  
end of that same day, and waited 20 minutes for 106, gave up and take a cab. made me think, the bus probably broke down..

how do you encourage bus companies to properly maintain their buses? the current , monopoly sytem has no incentives for operators to maintain their buses to be on the safe side of breakdowns... instead buses are worked basically until they breakdown, to incoinvenience of consumers. maybe they should make the bus ride for the bus after the broken down one, to be free for ALL customers, so as to pay for the delays and overcrowding to the customers...

8:40 PM

was wishing i had a camera... the skies were so beautiful as i took the train to church, it was heart-piercing... but army says i can't carry a camera into camp, so...
7:58 AM

Saturday, March 13, 2004  
omg... adeline's competing in Miss Singapore Universe... hahaha... a finalist!
10:15 PM

Monday, March 08, 2004  
Velle's back with my irish cream tea! yay!!!!
10:11 PM

Sunday, March 07, 2004  
was at the mrt station on the way to church when i noticed those metal studs and plates they're sticking in the floor... anyone have a clue what they're for?

Then on the way back to camp with mom noticed the marina area.. near the ECP bridge... people playing soccer in the open field and flying planes... you know, i really want to try that, it seems like a nice place. got to drive there though...

10:04 PM

Had some good advice from glen yesterday night... and some potent words from jav today, though she may not have realised that it was relevant to me at the time.. haha, she was explaining something to matthew and I was like at the side line, but I caught something valuable....

dr phil pringle's offering message today was more powerful to me than his main message... it's been a kind of drought time for me in many ways, and the way he related the story of 1 Kings -- a drought breaking, nation changing offering, made a lot of sense... so a sacrifice it was today... and hopefully, the breakthrough that I prayed for.. will come!

Lunch afterwards with Kaisheng, Gerald, Laiyin, Huiqin... haha... it was so funny! Especially when Gerald said, "You like to put your hand into everything you do" and Kaisheng had this fierce expression on his face, like he was angry... but he was only contemplating the remains of his half-chicken and thinking that he couldn't eat any more... he totally missed Gerald's poke at him!

3:01 PM

Saturday, March 06, 2004  
Dinner with my family to celebrate Zeal's good results today, at some place Isola in King's Arcade, next to Coronation. Nice food, but I think it's expensive.... Funny thing was, I was busing down via newton ( late, cos of ncc cover) and the 171 was crowded, so I was stuck at the front of the bus with this caucasian guy who kept peering out of the fron of the bus like a very lost soul. So after a while, I asked him, do you need any help? Cos like, I'm a bukit timah resident, kind of, anyway. So he say, no, I know where I'm going, just keeping a watchful eye out...

So he gets off at the Crown busstop some time later.. and I get off at Coro, one stop later.. Look to my left, and there's King's Arcade. Go towards it, see mom and erin walking around, go up, and lo and behold, who should I see but the caucasian chap walking from the other direction to join his friends at the same restaurant!

10:24 PM

Where do I find the words?
How can I show my heart to you?
To show you the truth,
deep within my soul
in the glimmer of a shadow of a light in my eyes
that I love you?

10:19 PM

I was at Keying's place and flipping through the Scholar's Choice in Straits Times... Was pleasantly surprised to see Liping featured in an article.. Hm.. Showed it to Keying, cos she'd asked about it just a few days before. But it seems like it was a bad idea, cos she got a bit unhappy... She asked me, you still like her right? So i'm like ... Which is a really bad move right?

I can't say I don't feel anything reading this article about her, that wouldn't be honest. I do still have "hao gan" towards her. So yes, I can understand why keying wouldbe unhappy.. but how to explain that that hao gan is just the kind I have towards all kinds of people... If i were to meet liping on the street I would love to take up the friendship again, she still seems to be the same kind hearted and happy-natured, out going girl, all the things I liked about her are still there. But all the romantic feelings in my life are now reserved for one person, and that's you, keying. I still "like" her, yes.. but I like Snow, and Nekki, and Jav, and so many other people in my life.... Key.. you're the one I love!

10:18 PM

Hmm.. phlogger doesn't seem to hook up with blogger. Looks like if I want to hook it up it'll involve some work.. never mind, I'll postpone it, keep it in mind....
10:00 PM

Friday, March 05, 2004  
Met Wilfred at bus stop on the way to see keying... had a short chat, then left. but discovering in the last few weeks that I've stopped trying to get people's contacts because I rarely look them up anyway... the last random contact I made was probably marcus, and even though I've tried to talk to him and stuff we haven't really connected... but then again... was having quite a good chat with danny on the way back, but realised.... I don't have his phone number.. even while we were discussing about maintaining contact... hmm...

hmmm.. Arts canteen fruit juice stall has a lot of different coloured straws.. was thinking that's perfect for sharing drinks.. you know how when you're sharing drinks it's always hard to tell whose straw is whose? Why doesn't everybody have multicoloured straws? I guess it's cos stalls don't necessarily want to serve customers best, they want to maximise sales...

Zeal had fantstic results for his As... 4As, 1 Distinction and 1 Merit, and Bs for both languages.. A good chance to get a scholarship, and for mom to finally relax, no worries at all...

9:54 PM

Thursday, March 04, 2004  
RSM raided our bunk, so we had emergency, late, last minute bunk cleaning. Duting all that, found a wasps' nest in my blanket. Hmmm.... when i destroyed the nest at the ground floor dustbin, found eggs, and some icky gooey stuff inside. Remember when I was younger, I read The Shining, think the wasp nest was being used as an analogy for the hotel... quite accurate I guess, now that I've personally seen and destroyed one. Argh....
9:54 PM

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